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It's All About You

For the vast majority of our time on earth, a woman's role was generally limited to mom and wife. We have busted out of the traditional mold and expanded our roles in society, we are now leaders, providers, builders, voters, stay at home moms, career women, and anything we wish to be.

Hovay & Co. was created as An Ode to Womanhood, to honor the very essence of womanhood both in ancient and modern times. Because womanhood is quite the feat, and a job well done does not mean an easy job.

A Little Background

Hovay is my mother’s middle name backward (Yavoh) and means “more coming”. I created this company first, to honor her and then you and women everywhere.

Hovay honors you through beautiful jewelry. No one likes cheap, green, faded, or rusty jewelry, so if you’re looking for long-lasting, high-quality, and meaningful pieces, you’re in the right place. 

Based in Minneapolis, our jewelry pieces are made from some of the finest metal and stones, crafted as a reminder for you to always express, and appreciate the strength and beauty of your most authentic self as you navigate your womanhood. 

Meet the very "Fancy" Founder and CEO

“Mom, how did you manage to keep the house clean?” This is the questing I asked 6 months after getting married and moving out. Since this is our first time meeting, I'm just going to lay this out. It's taking me a while to settle into womanhood, and it's because of this struggle that I came to understand just how underrated the roles of women are.

Hi, I'm so glad to have you here! I’m Eunice Diabe, founder and CEO of Hovay & Company. Most days you can find me at home watching crime stories, while working on my laptop (COVID was not to blame for me being a homebody, but did normalize it). I have a huge passion for women and jewelry, what a combo?! I hope you fine something that makes you fall in love!

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Thank you for reading all that (if you did)!

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Our Jewelry, if properly cared for, are created to last you a while. But things happen and when they do, you have a 90 day guaranteed.


Hovay is An Ode to Womanhood, all of womanhood. Even the unfortunate aspects, for this reason, we believe in giving back to women.


With every piece crafted from fine materials and precious metals, we triple check and locally package them to endure premium quality.